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Workability concrete technology

  • concrete technology-workability - YouTube

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  • What is Workability of Concrete - Definition and Types

    Sep 08, 2019· The workability of concrete is the property of concrete which determines the amount of useful internal work, necessary to produce full compaction i.e., it is the amount of energy needed to overcome friction while compacting concrete.

  • Concrete Technology MCQ - Part 1

    Workability of concrete is directly proportional to. a. Aggregate cement ratio. b. Time of transist. c. Grading of aggregates. d. All the above. Ans: c. 14.For concreting of heavily reinforced sections without vibration, the workability of concrete expressed as compacting factor should be. a. 0.75 0.80

  • 300+ TOP Concrete Technology Questions and Answers 2021

    4. The ease with which concrete can be compacted fully without segregation is called (a) bleeding (b) segregation (c) workability (d) none of these. 5. Segregation can be prevented by (a) properly grading the aggregate (b) controlling water content in a mix (c) using correct handling procedures (d) all the above. Concrete Technology Objective

  • Workability of Fresh Concrete Building Materials

    Introduction to Workability of Fresh Concrete: The strength of concrete of a given proportion is affected very much by the degree of its compaction. Therefore it is desirable that the fresh concrete can be transported and placed without segregation and bleeding, compacted and finished easily. This property of concrete is known as workability.

  • Durability - Portland Cement Association

    Concrete ingredients, their proportioning, interactions between them, placing and curing practices, and the service environment determine the ultimate durability and life of the concrete. The heavily traveled Wacker Drive replacement in downtown Chicago was designed for a 75- to 100-year life.

  • New Concrete Technology Aggregate Research International

    BSI is a new concrete technology that has a much higher tensile and flexural (bending) strength than standard concrete. It is a fiber-reinforced concrete that is combined with premixed dry components. It is much denser than standard concrete and structures built with it will need far less new concrete, perhaps as much as 80% less.

  • Enhancing Concrete Workability - North America

    Mixing Concrete. To ensure homogenous distribution of a concrete mixture, the workability and mixing time must be optimized. This is especially true with lower water content mixtures. The following technology can improve the efficiency of the mixing process at the concrete plant:

  • Workability of Concrete - Tests & Factors Affecting

    Workability of concrete is defined as the ease and homogeneity with which a freshly mixed concrete or mortar can be mixed, placed, compacted and finished. Strictly, it is the amount of useful internal work necessary to produce compaction.

  • Concrete technology - SlideShare

    Apr 17, 2016· Concrete technology 1. Concrete technology Workability, Factors influencing workability, Measurement of workability, Effect of time and temp. on workability A.Pavan Kumar, Civil Engineering, SVEC,TPT,AP 2.

  • Concrete Slump Test for Workability Types of Slumps

    Aug 03, 2020· The slump cone test is an empirical test that measures the workability of fresh concrete. More specifically, it measures the concrete consistency between batches. The slump cone test for workability is the simplest test and is most often used at construction sites and must be carried out using the apparatus complying with IS 7320 1974.


    Developments in concrete technology, especially the introduction of wide varieties of chemical admixtures, mineral additives and cementitious supplementary materials, have increased the importance of fresh concrete properties. Workability of concrete is a complex, general term which cannot be neither simply defined

  • Concrete Workability Fibo Intercon Batching Plant

    Concrete workability is measured by the slump. The slump is the measurement to concrete falls when placed in a slump cone, and the slump cone is lifted. Just like building a sand castle in a bucket. Images and the process of the slump test is below. This is the reason why concrete should be designed with the correct workability

  • Concrete Workability Fibo Intercon Batching Plant

    Concrete workability is measured by the slump. The slump is the measurement to concrete falls when placed in a slump cone, and the slump cone is lifted. Just like building a sand castle in a bucket. Images and the process of the slump test is below. This is the reason why concrete should be designed with the correct workability or slump.

  • What Is Workability Of Concrete? - Definitive Guide

    In simple terms, concrete workability means the ease of fresh concrete which can be mixed, placed and compacted fully over the formwork without concrete segregation (Honeycomb) & bleeding. Proper Guidance has been given in IS Code 1199-1959 (Complete IS Code List) for concrete workability.

  • (PDF) Optimizing Concrete Mix Design for Application in 3D

    Jan 14, 2021· a shear vane apparatus was used to measure workability of the concrete although this is normally . used to measure shear strength. 2.1.3 Extrudability . By using this technology, it is

  • 250+ TOP MCQs on Workability of Fresh Concrete and Answers

    Concrete Technology Questions and Answers for Aptitude test on Workability of Fresh Concrete. 1. What do you mean by workability? a) ASTM C 125 defines workability as the property determining the effort required to manipulate a freshly mixed quantity of concrete with a maximum loss of homogeneity

  • The Impact Of Workability Retention Concrete Products

    Oct 01, 2009· A new, innovative workability-retaining admixture technology has been developed to provide reliable slump retention without retardation, thereby enabling more consistent concrete production. It permits a wide dosage range that allows flexible amounts of workability retention, which makes slump retention possible for normal, mid- and high-range

  • Concrete Technology Manual Chapter 1, Structure Concrete

    concrete of standard consistency, meeting uidity requirements may require use of chemical admixtures that enhance uidity. Minimizes the water-cement ratio, concrete strength will increase as the quantity of concrete increases and as the water-cement ratio decreases. In general, consistency testing is an indication of workability.

  • Concrete Technology, Lectures & Course Notes on Concrete

    Methods for Measuring Workability of Concrete Concrete is placed in an upper. Dropped into a lower hopper to bring it to a standard state and then allowed to fall into a standard cylinder. The cylinder and concrete weighed (partially compacted weight).

  • 5 Tests to Measure the Workability of Concrete!

    Workability of concrete is the ease and homogeneity of work with freshly mixed concrete or mortar. In other words, if concreting process such as mixing, placing, compacting and finishing can be done easily in freshly mixed concrete; this is called workability of the concrete.

  • State of workability design technology for fresh concrete

    Sep 01, 2007· Therefore, workability design of concrete has become necessary, which is a process of optimizing concrete's consistency to be well adapted for certain structure and construction conditions, the establishment of rheological test method and workability design technology is an extremely important problem awaiting solution in fresh concrete sphere.

  • Flow table test of concrete to test Workability of concrete

    Jul 22, 2018· Workability is a complex property of concrete which directly impacts on Concrete strength, quality and appearance and it also determines how easily freshly made concrete can be mixed, placed, compacted and finished with the minimum to no loss concerning homogeneity.


    Progress in Concrete Technology xLightweight Concrete xHigh-Strength Concrete xHigh Workability or Flowing Concrete xShrinkage Compensating Concrete xFiber-Reinforced Concrete xConcrete Containing polymers xHeavyweight Concrete xMass Concrete xRoller-Compacted Concrete The History of Concrete Cement has been around for at least 12 million years.

  • Lecture 5. Concrete - Aalto

    practices and the development of concrete technology 5.2.1 Specified concrete properties A properly proportioned concrete mix should possess the following qualities: i. Acceptable workability of the freshly mixed concrete ii. Durability, strength, and uniform appearance of the hardened concrete à result from the structural design process iii


    workability of fresh concrete by compaction factor Pranay R. Dukare 1 , Meraz M. Khan 2 , Sagar B. Raut 3 , Kartik S. Godbole 4 1,2 Under Graduate Student, Depart. of Civil Engineering, Bajaj Institute of Technology, Wardha, Maharashtra, India

  • Concrete Technology (CT) Notes pdf - Free Download 2020 SW

    The Concrete Technology Notes Pdf (CT Notes Pdf) book starts with the topics covering Portland cement, Mineral and chemical admixtures, Classification of aggregate, Factors affecting workability, Water / Cement ratio, Compression tests, Factors in the choice of mix proportions, Light weight aggregates, Workability etc.

  • #civilwihsudheer #CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY II CLASS-2 II

    for civil engineering competitive exams like kpsc ae/je(civil), kpwd ae /je , ssc je , rrb je civil videos and objective type questions on civil engineeri

  • What is Workability of Concrete? - Gilson Co.

    What is the Workability of Concrete? Workability of Concrete is a broad and subjective term describing how easily freshly mixed concrete can be mixed, placed, consolidated, and finished with minimal loss of homogeneity.


    Apr 04, 2014· A concrete is said to be workable if it is easily transported, placed, compacted and finished without any segregation. Workability is a property of freshly mixed concrete, and a concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregate, water & admixture.

  • What Is Workability Of Concrete? Types And Effects On

    Workability is the amount of work to produce full compaction. It is the most important property of fresh concrete which is simply defined as ease to work with. The word workability or workable concrete signifies much wider and deeper meaning than the other terminology consistency often used loosely for

  • Workability of Concrete - Types and Effects on Concrete

    Jun 05, 2016· Workability of Concrete Workability of concrete is the property of freshly mixed concrete which determines the ease and homogeneity with which it can be mixed, placed, consolidated and finished as defined by ACI Standard 116R-90 (ACI 1990b).

  • Concrete Technology - The Constructor

    Concrete technology deals with study of properties of concrete and its practical applications. In a building construction, concrete is used for the construction of foundations, columns, beams, slabs and other load bearing elements.

  • Fresh Concrete: Workability

    Additional information on workability and quality of concrete can be obtained by observing the manner in which concrete slumps. Quality of concrete can also be further assessed by giving a few tappings or blows by tamping rod to the base plate. The deformation shows the characteristics of concrete with respect to tendency for segregation.

  • What is the workability of concrete? - Quora

    WORKABILITY OF CONCRETE : The property of concrete which determines the amount of useful internal work ,necessary to produce full compaction i.e workability is the amount of energy to overcome Friction while compacting. Also defined as the relativ

  • (PDF) CC203 Concrete Technology Hazlina Mahfidz

    CHAPTER VI PRECAST CONCRETE & PREFABRICATION TECHNOLOGY This topic covers the knowledge on the pre cast concrete and pre-fabrication technology in terms of manufacturing methods, transportation, installation at construction site and problems encountered in the pre-fabrication technology 6.1 UNDERSTAND ABOUT PRE-CAST CONCRETE 6.1.1 DEFINITION OF PRE-CAST CONCRETE Precast concrete

  • What is Workability of Concrete? - Factors Affecting

    What Is Workability of Concrete? The term workability indicates the ease or difficulty with which the concrete is handled, transported and placed. The amount of water present in concrete should be in the proper ratio. Generally, a higher water-cement ratio is required for good workability.

  • What is Workability of Concrete? Types, Mechanism - Civil

    In simple words, workability means the ease of placement and workable concrete means the concrete which can be placed and can be compacted easily without any segregation. Workability is a vital property of concrete and related with compaction as well as strength. The desired workability is not same for all types of concrete.

  • 7 Factors that Affect the Workability of Concrete » Civil

    For a concrete technologist, he/she should have a comprehensive knowledge of workability to design a mix. Workability is a parameter, a mix designer is required to specify in the mix design process, with a full understanding of the type of work, distance of transport, loss of slump, method of placing, and many other parameters involved.

  • What is Workability of Concrete? Requirements and

    Aug 24, 2017· The workability of concrete can be defined as the property of fresh concrete mix that will meet the diverse requirements of mixability, stability, transportability, placeability, mobility, compactability and Finishability of the fresh concrete. This property of the concrete is composite in nature.

  • Workability of Concrete - Types and Effects on Concrete

    Aug 04, 2019· Workability of Concrete definition, the property of fresh concrete mixture, which is demonstrated by the useful internal work required to fully compact concrete without bleeding or segregation on the finished concrete surface.

  • General Considerations for Workability of Concrete

    Mar 16, 2017· workability of concrete. General Considerations for Workability. Water content. The higher the water content, the higher will be the fluidity of concrete, which is one of the important factors affecting workability. a/c Ratio. The higher the aggregate/cement ratio, the leaner is the concrete


    Sep 07, 2011· Workability is the ability of a fresh (plastic) concrete mix to fill the form/mold properly with the desired work (vibration) and without reducing the concrete's quality.