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Quencing process in coke plant used in tata steel

  • IJmuiden - Tata Steel in Europe

    Tata Steels IJmuiden plant is one of the world leaders in terms of low emission steelmaking. It is in the top five of Worldsteels environmental benchmark of 52 global steel makers. Tata Steel Ijmuiden launched the Zero Carbon Roadmap in 2019 to achieve our ambition to produce steel in a carbon-neutral way by 2050 and to have reduced 30%

  • Prospect of Stamp Charge Coke Making at Tata Steel: An

    Each technology has its own advantage and limitation based on its design criteria. Recently, Tata Steel introduced Asia largest single location 1.6 mtpa of heat recovery coke plant for the first time.

  • Coke Quenching in Steel Plant - YouTube

    Oct 05, 2018· Coke Quenching in steel plant.How Coke oven battery top looks-https://youtu/Ki9uUmSjg94Hi, I am Sajal Chakraborty, by profession i am a mechanical enginee

  • Coke Dry Quenching: Tata Steel sets up Coke Dry Quenching

    Nov 06, 2017· Tata Steel NSE 2.88 % has set up Indias largest Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) facility at its state-of-the-art greenfield steel plant located at the Kalinganagar, Odisha. CDQ is a heat recovery system to cool the hot coke from coke ovens.

  • Coking Plant - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    Over the years, Tata Steel Ltd. also developed many tools for selecting coals for producing the desired quality of coke and smooth operation of the oven. In the early phase of stamp charge cokemaking, a suitable blend was designed based on experience, carbonization tests were conducted in a laboratory-scale oven, and coke CSR is measured.

  • A New Way of Coke Quenching to Improve the Quality of Coke

    The coke was sprayed with the ZBS solution to simulate coke quenching and cooling process at Anyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.. The mechanism of the ZBS additive on coke was discussed.

  • (PDF) Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) of Quenching

    Fishbone Diagram tool is used to analyze the data and it gives the root cause of the component failure.Fig. 1 .Fig. 2 .12Coke oven battery (front-side view) Process flow chart of coke oven plantII. QUENCHING CARAs per the Steel Authority Of India Limited, Bhilai (C.G.) the Quenching car is the most critical equipment used in the coke oven plant.

  • Quench water regulation at coking plant in Schwelgern

    The new plant's predecessor, coking plant August Thyssen, was decommissioned in 2003. Two batteries, each equipped with 70 coke ovens (the largest in the world), produce 2.5 million tons of coke a year solely for the production of steel at ThyssenKrupp Steel AG. The quenching tower, at the foot of which the VAG valves are installed.

  • domain-b : Tata Steel to use ''green technology'' for

    Jun 19, 2006· In the conventional coke making process in steel plants, red hot coke is pushed out of coke ovens and quenched with large quantity of water resulting in evaporation of

  • Coke dry quenching for iron and steel sector Climate

    Coke dry quenching can be applied in principle at new and existing iron and steel plants. Coke dry quenching systems have been installed in many steel works and coke ovens in Japan as an energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology.

  • The Tempcore Process Drifting In and Out Of Steel

    Jul 28, 2016· For the first few years at Allied Steel & Wire, I was the development metallurgist for the Tremorfa Bar Mill, which used an interesting type of process to produce high strength reinforcement bar with the addition of alloying elements such as molybdenum or vanadium. We called it the Quench-and-Self-Tempered (QST) process, although officially its name

  • Acme Coke Plant: an Abandoned Coke Plant in Chicago, IL

    Jan 17, 2010· Acme Coke Plant History. The Acme coke plant was a vital part of steel making operations on the south side of Chicago, Illinois for most of the 20th century. The coking process involves baking coal in huge ovens to reduce it to a more clean and efficient burning composition, which is then ultimately used as a fuel and reducing agent by blast

  • ANNEXURE 13 - Tata Steel

    May 16, 2018· Recovery of sensible heat of Coke by installation of Coke Dry Quenching System in Battery # 10 & 11 at Coke Plant 243.91 Replacement of Boiler # 3 at Power House # 4 14.15 Duel Fuel burner at Pellet Plant 26.67 Installation of Variable Frequency Drive in HT motors with variable load at Blower House and LD3 & Thin Slab Casting & Rolling

  • Success Story of Tata Steel Bosch Rexroth AG

    With a coking plant, sinter plant, blast furnaces, and steel and hot rolling mills, the plant covers all major manufacturing steps in steel production. Bosch Rexroth planned and delivered four containers with the complete hydraulics used to drive and control the coke transfer machines.

  • a Green Economy - Tata Steel

    The conventional wet coke quenching, where water is sprayed on red hot coke is replaced with dry The New Compost Plant is the outcome of Tata Steel's intervention and look for opportunities for new services for the citizens of Jamshedpur. Composting process is quite commonly used and results in production of a stable product - compost

  • 12.2 Coke Production - US EPA

    40 percent of cleaned oven gas (after the removal of its byproducts) is used to heat the coke ovens. The rest is either used in other production processes related to steel production or sold. Coke oven gas is the most common fuel for underfiring coke ovens. A typical coke manufacturing process is shown schematically in Figure 12.2-2. Coke

  • Dry Quenching - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    S.S. Krishnan, N. Balasubramanian, in Treatise on Process Metallurgy: Industrial Processes, 2014 Energy Efficiency Measures in Steel Plants. The global best available technology (BAT) has a benchmark of primary SEC of 16.4 GJ/tcs through BFBOF route, 19.3 GJ/tcs by the smelt reduction (COREX)BOF route, 19.1 GJ/tcs through coal-based DRI-EAF route, and 15.9 GJ/tcs from gas

  • John M Henderson Mechanical engineering excellence since

    Tata Steel (Corus), UK Sahaviriya Steel Industries, UK Ternium Siderar, Argentina, a major cause of concern for coke plant operators. All Cars are specifically designed to suit the Coke Dry Quenching Process. Some of the Key Features of the Quench Cars are:

  • Coke dry quenching for iron and steel sector Climate

    The iron and steel sector is the second-largest industrial user of energy, consuming 616 Mtoe in 2007 and is also the largest industrial source of CO2 emissions. The five most important producers China, Japan, the United States, the European Union and Russia account for over 70% of total world steel production. Coke dry quenching appears as the most valid system to reduce air pollution

  • Tata Consulting Engineers Engineering a better tomorrow

    In the process the nitrogen losses heat and the cooled nitrogen is returned to the dry quenching plant to quench the hot coke again. This cycle is repeated continuously for sustained generation of power (Fig 1). Fig 1. Tata Steel Limited (TSL) had set up new coke oven batteries (COB), COB 10 and 11 to meet the coke requirement of Jamshedpur

  • US4322269A - Method for the wet quenching of coke - Google

    A method and apparatus for the wet quenching of coke is disclosed wherein hot coke is sprayed from above with quenching water, the steam generated by the heat of the coke is condensed by a spray of condensation water from the top of the quenching tower, and the hot condensate-water mixture is collected at the bottom of the quenching tower and recirculating to the top of the tower where it is


    of complete cokemaking plants, coke oven batteries of top and stamp charging type, coal & coke han-dling, coke quenching plants, coke oven gas treat-ment, by-product & auxiliary plants. A full range of coke oven machines, based on Schalke as well as Koch technology, makes Paul Wurth a global player

  • Ambrish Kumar Jha - Head Projects Coke Plant - Tata Steel

    Head Projects Coke Plant at Tata Steel Gurgaon, Haryana, India 500+ connections. Join to Connect Tata Steel > Coke Oven Plant for Bhushan Power and Steel > Coke Dry Quenching System for Bhushan Power and Steel > System Integration and Process Automation for

  • Port Talbot - Tata Steel in Europe

    After quenching the coke is transferred to the blast furnace for use within the iron production process. Primary fume from the BOS process is cleaned in a gas cleaning plant and collected for use as a fuel elsewhere in the works. Tata Steel strives to enrich its local communities and contribute to their future economic and social

  • Coke Dry Quenching Plant at TATA Steel, Jamshedpur, India

    Mar 31, 2018· The order was awarded by TATA Steel in March 2015 to Paul Wurth for engineering, supply of technological equipment, training and supervision of erection and commissioning for two new coke dry quenching (CDQ) systems. We, PWIHI, have supplied the basic engineering and the key technological equipment and the related expertise in this project.

  • Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) System NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING

    It is one of the most renowned energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly facilities within steel production. CDQ is a system where hot coke removed from coke ovens at a temperature of approximately 1,000°C is cooled and kept dry with inert gas and the resulting steam produced in a waste heat recovery boiler is used to generate electricity.

  • Coke Dry Quenching - e Plant Maintenance

    Apr 14, 2019· Cooling of hot coke by using inert gas is known as Coke Dry Quenching and is available as an alternate quenching metod. The coke wet quenching has following disadvantages1The sensible heat of coke is lost to the atmosphere.2.part of water gets evaporated into atmosphere 3.The steam carries cynide,sulphide,phenol and dust in the atmosphere.4.water also carres dust,and other

  • Tata Steel: Plants and Processes

    Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) is used to enhance waste heat recovery, improve coke quality and reduce dust emissions. More than 94 per cent of the Blast Furnace Slag at Tata Steel is Granulated Blast Furnace Slag. It is used as a clinker substitute in slag cement, saving mineral resources. No hazardous waste is imported or exported by Tata Steel India.

  • Energy Performance of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur a journey

    Key Work Process (Tata Steel, Jamshedpur) Raw Materials Iron Making Steel Manufacturing Pellet Making Coke Dry Quenching at Coke Plant Thin Slab Caster & Rolling Tata Steel FY17 BM - WSA Ref. Plant Iron Making 4.644 3.194 Steel Making 0.254 0.040

  • Coke oven - SlideShare

    Nov 18, 2012· Waste Water in ETP 2009-10 Plant m3/tonne gross coke Coke Oven Plants 2009-10 Vizag Steel Plant 0.2 Tata Steel 0.27 m3/tonne Method ofPlant gross coke Quenching SAIL, RSP 0.44JSW 0.55 dry JSW 0.5SAIL, RSP 0.72 wet Global Best 0.3Tata Steel 2.3 wet Source: CSE June 2012Source: CSE, June 2012 Sunday, November 18, 53 2012

  • Tata Steel IBMD - One of the Leading Coal Tar Suppliers in

    Tata Steel is one of the leading coal tar suppliers in India and offers superior quality with optimal Quinoline Insolubles (QI) and minimum moisture to its customers across the country. The Industrial By-Product Management Division (IBMD) of Tata Steel is well equipped to transport Coal Tar through tankers and rakes.

  • India's largest Coke Dry Quenching facility established at

    Nov 06, 2017· Tata Steel has established India's largest Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) facility, capable of handling 200 metric tonnes per hour, at its state-of-the-art steel plant at

  • Dry Quenching of Hot Coke IspatGuru

    Apr 25, 2013· Coke dry quenching (CDQ) is an energy saving process used during the production of coke in the coke oven battery. A CDQ plant is also called coke dry cooling plant (CDCP). In the traditional CWQ (coke wet quenching) process, the red-hot coke which is pushed from the coke oven is cooled by spraying water on the hot coke.

  • A new way of coke quenching to improve the quality of coke

    Oct 21, 2014· Based on laboratory results, different methods of quenching were carried out in Coke Plant, battery no. 8 of Tata Steel. Results show that 15 second of top quenching, 15 seconds of side quenching, 25 seconds of quenching gap and 40 seconds of second top quenching will improve coke quality in terms of M40, CSR, plus 30 mm size of coke, micro

  • Coke Manufacturing - IFC

    distillation unit. The Claus process is normally used to recover sulfur from coke oven gas. During the coke quenching, handling, and screening operation, coke breeze is produced. It is either reused on site (e.g., in the sinter plant) or sold off site as a by-product. Waste Characteristics The coke oven is a major source of fugitive air emissions.

  • Coke Dry Cooling Plant Coke Dry Quenching Solutions

    Traditionally dry quenching process is being adopted for the cooling of Coke produced from the Coke Oven Battery in Steel Plants. Water is used as cooling media to cool the hot coke which not only consumes large volume of water but also releases harmful pollutants which is also not permitted buy the government latest regulations.


    Doc. No: SG/28, Rev no: 00 Page 2 of 21 c) Coke Sorting Plant: To crush and screen coke to 25-80 mm size required by blast furnaces. The0 -10 mm fraction is used in sinter making and 10-25 mm fraction (nut coke) is added along with sinter supplied to Blast Furnace.

  • Shiva kumar - Senior Manager - Tata Steel LinkedIn

    As a Project Manager, ensuring timely supply of necessary equipment in installing Industrial Vacuum Cleaning system - 30 nos.(Dust Extraction system) in Coke Plant, Blast Furnace, Pellet plant and Sinter Plant and carry-out Pre-Standard Safety Review for handing

  • Tata Steel gets EC for Haldia coke plant expansion - The

    Feb 24, 2017· And the estimated cost of the expansion is Rs 769.45 crore for both coke oven and power plant. The coal requirement of the existing coke oven plant is met by the captive coal mine of Tata Steel at Jharia, Jharkhand as well as by importing Australian coal. The blended coal (Jharia coal and Australian coal) is used in the coke making process.