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MGB series Hopper Discharge Feeder

Vibrating feeder is also called vibrating feeder. In the production process,...

MZA/K Series Circular Vibrating Screen

MZA / K series vibrating screen is a new round vibrating screen product base...

MF Series Fixed Shaft Circular Vibrating Screen

MF Series vibrating screen is a new round vibrating screen product based on ...

MC Series Single-Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

MC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is developed from European ...

MJ Series Jaw Crusher

MJ series jaw crusher is mainly used as coarse crusher. It is made of advanc...

ML Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Ml series impact sand making machine is a brand new structure of ML impact s...

MS Series Triaxial Horizontal Screen

MS series three-axis elliptical vibrating screen is an international level v...

MGD Series Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder is also called vibrating feeder. In the production process,...

Working working principle of equipment used in construction

  • Selection of Construction Equipment ~ Methods of Construction

    Nov 03, 2011· The major drivers for the Construction Equipment Rental market include the increasing demand for rental equipment due to various benefits, shift in trend towards rental, increasing infrastructure activities in emerging nations, and cost-benefits associated with the use of construction equipment on a rental basis rather than purchasing it.

  • Different Types of Sensors and their Working

    Jan 11, 2018· It is a semiconductor device which is used to detect the light rays and mostly used as IR Receiver. Its construction is similar to the normal PN junction diode but the working principle differs from it. As we know a PN junction allows small leakage currents when it is reverse biased so, this property is used to detect the light rays.

  • What is a Crane? Definition & Working Principle - Civil

    A crane is a powerful and heavy machine that is equipped with cables and pulleys and is based upon the application of mechanical principles. It is used to lift loads beyond the human capability. Since the invention of the crane in ancient Greece, it has been a part of the working landscape.

  • Basic Principles for Tools and Equipment - Ganoksin

    Often tools and equipment from other industries prove useful, and are sometimes cheaper than regular tool suppliers. I think this behavior used to be called scrounging. When looking outside the jewelry world for tools and equipment there are a number of basic principles to use.

  • Micrometer Screw gauge, Working Principle, construction

    Dec 26, 2017· Topic: Micrometer, Working Principle, construction, Reading measurements. The Micrometer is known for screw gauge because a calibrated screw is used for precise measurements. The accuracy of the micrometre screw gauge is 0.01. This is very high accuracy compared to the vernier calliper accuracy 0.02.

  • Construction OS&H General plant & equipment

    Ilobwi Construction is about to purchase some new dumpers and excavator/loaders to be used for general site work. Spend 10 minutes discussing (in groups of 3 or 4) and suggest the main factors that must be investigated when considering operator safety and efficiency.

  • What is a Crane? Definition & Working Principle - Civil

    The Working Principle of Cranes Obeying the laws of physics, the crane operates efficiently and maintains its stability. The two major considerations in the making of cranes are: The crane must be able to lift the weight of the load.

  • The Five Construction Principles GIKEN LTD.

    Through consistent adherence to the Five Construction Principles, which includes consideration of environmental protection, safety, speed, economy and aesthetics in the form of a balanced equilateral pentagon, Giken works diligently to deliver a balanced approach to projects.

  • LVDT : Construction, Working Principle, Characteristics

    Jan 26, 2020· LVDT Working Theory (Principle) This section provides in-depth analysis of LVDT and its operation behavior through a cylindrical core material. At the initial stage, the cross-sectional area and dimension of the cylindrical core are measured across the core terminals.

  • Work Principle of Refrigerated Van Trailers - Learn Reefer

    Work Principle of Refrigerated Van Trailers Learn Reefer Trailer Designs and Specs. Well, the answer is very simple. It is a simple refrigeration process through the use of modern equipment. steel which is commonly used in the construction of refrigerated van would make the container very heavy hence reduce your cargo carrying capacity.

  • Best Practices in Construction

    Importance of Following Best Practices in Construction Among all economy, the construction industry is the largest and the important sector in the company that employs over 7% of the workforce. The national investment valued from the construction industry is $300 billion.

  • Material Handling - Principles, Operations and Equipment

    Ecology Principle: It encourages minimum impact upon the environment during material handling. Mechanization Principle: It encourages mechanization of handling process wherever possible as to encourage efficiency. Flexibility Principle: Encourages of methods and equipment which are possible to utilize in all types of condition.

  • Raft Foundation - When to Use, Types, Construction - Civil

    The raft foundation is a very commonly used type of foundation system. Raft foundation is also known as Mat foundation. Definition of raft foundation along with working principle, when to choose raft, types of raft foundation, materials of raft foundation, raft construction steps etc are discussed below.

  • Top 22 Construction Equipments And Their Uses

    Nov 04, 2017· Truth is that the construction industry is very broad and are the equipment. There are equipment used for large and small scale construction procedures. Others are used in building construction or by structural engineering, others are very useful in road construction as well as underwater construction.

  • Electrochemical Machining (ECM) - Working Principle

    May 12, 2017· Electrochemical Machining (ECM) Working Principle, Equipment, Advantages and Disadvantages with Application . May 12, 2017 June 23, 2020 Pankaj Mishra 0 Comments Machining Process, Manufacturing Processes. Electrochemical machining (ECM) is a machining process in which electrochemical process is used to remove materials from the workpiece

  • Biogas Plant Construction and Working Stages (Working of

    Jul 02, 2018· A biogas plant construction and working well is an anaerobic digester of organic material for the purposes of treating waste and concurrently generating biogas fuel. The treated waste is a nutrient-rich, nitrogen-rich fertilizer while the biogas is mostly methane gas with inert gases including carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

  • Laser Beam Welding: Working, Types of Laser Used, Applications

    Mar 31, 2021· Laser Beam Machining (LBM) Working Principle. In laser welding (LBM) the joint is made either as a sequence of overlapped spot welds or as a continuous weld. Laser welding is used in the electronics, communications and aerospace industries, for the manufacture of medical and scientific equipment, joining small components.

  • Ultrasonic Machining : Principle, Working, Equipment's

    Mar 28, 2017· Today we will learn about ultrasonic machining, principle, working, equipments, application, advantages and disadvantages with its diagram. Ultrasonic machining is non-traditional machining process which is used to machine brittle and hard material. This machining process comes into existence in 1950 for finishing EDM surface.

  • What is Forklift? Working Mechanism & Where it is used?

    Forklifts Are Basically Used At: #1.Construction Sites. Industrial Forklifts serve as very useful equipment at the construction sites, as it can be used to carry hefty building materials over long distances, across the rough terrain. It merges and balances the functions of a lifting tool and a vehicle.

  • Current Transformer (CT) - Construction and Working Principle

    Dec 18, 2018· Current Transformer (CT) - Construction and Working Principle Current Transformer (CT) Construction and Working Principle A current transformer (CT) is a type of transformer that is used to measure AC current. It produces an alternating current (AC) in its secondary which is proportional to the AC current in its primary.

  • Centrifugal Compressors: Construction, Principle, Work

    ADVERTISEMENTS: In this article we will discus about:- 1. Construction and Principle of Operation of Centrifugal Compressor 2. Velocity Diagrams of a Centrifugal Compressor 3. Work Requirement (Eulers Work) 4. Slip Factor 5. Pressure Ratio of Compression 6. Influence of Impeller Blade Geometry 7. Influence of Compressor Geometry on the Performance 8. Pre-Whir 9. Losses. []

  • The Five Construction Principles GIKEN LTD.

    The Five Construction Principles : This is the official website of GIKEN LTD. You can see hydraulic pile press-in and extraction machine, SILENT PILER, The vision of GIKEN that the construction industry should be, disaster prevention technology,

  • The Working Principle, Types, And Applications of a

    The Working Principle, Types, And Applications of a Manometer. A device used to measure the pressure at any point in a fluid, manometers are also used to measure the pressure of gas and air. This ScienceStruck article explains the working principle of a manometer, and provides a review of different types of manometers and their applications.

  • Working Principle Of Equipment Used In Construction

    working principle of equipment used in construction. What is the working principle of steam turbine? The Steam Turbine is the one which steam worked pressured Hot and exited then the shaft.

  • Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction

    Mar 31, 2017· Every individual construction site and job duty should be evaluated for specific and unique dangers, and appropriate personal protective equipment required. Some common classes of hazards at construction sites with risks that can be mitigated with appropriated PPE include electrical, fall , chemical, harmful dust, struck-by , penetration

  • Dragline Excavator Types uses working Principle

    Aug 16, 2012· Dragline falls in heavy equipments category. Dragline excavator is used for civil engineering projects and surface mining. Dragline is the largest equipment ever built on this planet. It has the ability to excavate very deep down the earth. Word drag is used because it has the ability to drag material at far distance from the machine.

  • What Are Tower Cranes? How Do Cranes Work?

    Apr 20, 2021· The working principle of a tower crane is surprisingly simple. It is designed in such a manner that all overturning forces are counteracted by the concrete pad and the counterweights hanging off the machinery arm.

  • Laser Beam Welding Equipment, Principle, Working with

    May 04, 2017· Laser Beam Welding Equipment, Principle, Working with Advantages and Disadvantages. Written by [email protected] Published on May 4, 2017. Laser Beam Welding is a fusion welding process in which two metal pieces are joined together by the use of laser. The laser beams are focused to the cavity between the two metal pieces to be joined.

  • Construction equipments - Introduction and Classification

    Aug 30, 2014· It is therefore important for site managers and construction planners to be familiar with the characteristics of the major types of equipment most commonly used in construction. Advantages of utilizing the construction equipments: Increase the rate of output through work progress with the best effective and efficient methods.

  • working principle of equipment used in construction

    working principle of equipment used in construction Basic principles of electrical machines - electric equipment Dec 31, 2015 · In principle, an AC generator's construction is similar to the construction

  • Wheel tractor-scraper - Wikipedia

    Design. The scraper is a large piece of equipment which is used in mining, construction, agriculture and other earthmoving applications. The rear part has a vertically moveable hopper (also known as the bowl) with a sharp horizontal front edge. The hopper can be hydraulically lowered and raised. When the hopper is lowered, the front edge cuts into the soil or clay like a plane and fills the

  • Construction equipments - Introduction and Classification

    Aug 30, 2014· It is therefore important for site managers and construction planners to be familiar with the characteristics of the major types of equipment most commonly used in construction. Advantages of utilizing the construction equipments: Increase the rate of output through work

  • Gas Welding : Principle, Working, Equipment, Application

    Apr 16, 2017· Today we will learn about gas welding principle, working, equipments, types, application, advantages and disadvantages. Gas welding is a type of liquid state welding process in which fuel gases burns to generate heat. This heat is further used to melt interface surfaces of welding plates which are held together to form a joint.

  • Oily Water Separator : Construction, Working Principle

    Apr 06, 2020· Working and construction:- lt is the operation of an oily water separator with a fifteen ppm monitor. The separation of fine water in the separated fixed place in two stages,in the first stage of separation is by gravity whereas in the second stage the separation is by coalescing filter.

  • Lifting operations and lifting equipment - OSHWiki

    Lifting equipment in construction. Lifting equipment includes any equipment or machinery used at work for lifting or lowering loads or people, including accessories and attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting the equipment . There is a wide range of lifting equipment in the construction industry. Typical examples are:

  • What is MAX232? Construction, Working, Types and Applications

    Construction of MAX232: Mostly MAX232 used in 16-pin DIP package. it consist of 3 major blocks .It can only be powered by 5 volts to make it power supply compatible with most of the embedded systems. First block is the voltage doubler in this ic switched capacitor techniques is used

  • Piston Pump : Operating Principle, Classification and

    May 16, 2020· Piston Pump Working Principle. The operating principle is explained in points below-The figure shown is for axial flow variable displacement piston; The outlet port and inlet port are used intake and exhaust of the operating liquid or gas. These are placed in a casing made up of iron.

  • Autoclave- definition, parts, principle, procedure, types

    Jun 28, 2020· Video: Principle and Working of Autoclave (Pharmaguideline) Procedure for running an autoclave. In medical labs, autoclaves are used to sterilize medical equipment, glassware, surgical equipment, and medical wastes. Similarly, autoclaves are used for the sterilization of culture media, autoclavable containers, plastic tubes, and pipette

  • List of Tools Used in Construction Hunker

    Tapes and rulers are another kind of measuring tool vital for construction work. If you construction work is building a home you can probably get by with just a 12-foot retractable steel tape measure, but go with a 30-foot tape for working on larger projects. Rulers are essentially used

  • What is MPCB, Working, Construction, Selection, Advantage

    Motor Protection Circuit Breaker is a widely used circuit breaker for both static and dynamic electrical equipment. The reliability of the MPCB greater than MCCB or fuse. Typically, MPCB > MCCB > Fuse. However, in this article, we are going to study the construction, working principle of MPCB, advantages, disadvantages, and Application.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Construction The

    May 09, 2019· Here are the lists of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Construction that every construction personnel should observe: 1. Head Protection/Safety Helmets/Hard Hat. In construction worksite, there is a higher chance of possible head injury due to falling debris and other related accidents.

  • Lightning Arrester Types & Working - your electrical guide

    Hi friends, in this article, I am going to discuss the lightning arrester types and lightning arrester working principle. You will appreciate my effort, I hope so. The lightning arresters are used to protect power system from high voltage surges.

  • Type of Equipment use in construction - Basic Civil

    Apr 22, 2015· There are several equipment that is been used in the Construction Industry. These are used for both large and small scale purposes. Various types of Equipment are been used for Building & structural Construction, Road construction, underwater and other marine construction work Power projects etc.There are various operations that are involved in construction projects , whether its a

  • Arc Welding: Definition, Equipment, Working Diagram

    Arc Welding Working Principle: The Arc welding temperature ranges from a minimum 3000-degree centigrade to up to 20000-degree centigrade. So as the Diagram is shown above in which set up has been shown. Now supplying the power from the machine to the

  • Thermocouple - Construction, Working Principle & Its

    The common devices used to calculate the e.m.f are voltage balancing potentiometer and the ordinary galvanometer. From these two, a balancing potentiometer is utilized physically or mechanically. Thermocouple Working Principle. The thermocouple principle mainly depends on the three effects namely Seebeck, Peltier, and Thompson. See beck-effect